Review: Gay for Play

Let’s hear it for the queers. Shout-out to anyone who felt like an outsider growing up. Shout-out to anyone who had to sit through wild side-eye at the family dinner table. And a big shout-out to anyone who can take that sort of oppression and turn it into comic gold, as demonstrated by Left Coast Theater Company, San Francisco’s paramount LGBT theater group. In its newest show, WTFamily, the troupe presents six world premiere plays about family and relationships. (And what better name for it? How many times have we caught ourselves thinking, what the fuck, family?) So while the subject matter could get heavy, each of the playwrights is able to point out the humor in just about any situation. In a world where that’s no easy task, consider this a tip of the hat from us to you, Left Coast Theater Company. And to everyone who makes San Francisco a big, gay wonderland: This one’s for you.


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