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Between the Sheets

An anthology of original LGBTQ+ theatre about the trials and tribulations of queer sex and relationships.

How hard do you have to work to bag that daddy? Is it always going to be this awkward to talk about sex with your grandma, even when she’s a liberal lesbian? What happens when your twink husband tries to get your priceless art in the divorce? All these questions and more get tackled in “Between the Sheets” (plus there’s some making out). Join us for a heartwarming romp between the sheets.


Including . . .

“44 Hours” by Charles Zito

Victor is 50, Ian is 27, and they’ve just been in bed for 44 hours. When Ian suggests something more out of the relationship, Victor doesn’t know if there’s a future with such an age difference. Will Victor leave his bed and take a chance on love? 

“Generation Sex” by Kristy Lin Billuni

Jen is the liberal lesbian grandma we all wish we had. But grandmas are still grandmas, and college freshman Kelly wants a chance to be on their own. Even with a grandma as cool as Jen, can Kelly still muster up the courage to tell their grandma they want to break from family traditions? 

“I Do, Do You?” by Leland Frankel

Wyatt and Jason are a LGBTQ+ rights power couple who’ve been working tirelessly to legalize same-sex marriage. The morning after the historic Supreme Court decision, Jason is ready to celebrate by getting married himself. But Wyatt reveals that he actually doesn’t want to get married. Ever. Can Wyatt and Jason stay together when they want such different things, or is this difference too great?

And Also . . .

“No Regrets” by Neil Higgins

Chris and Alex have been hanging out, hooking up, and having a great time. Things get a little complicated when Chris admits that he’s starting to have feelings for Alex. Which is especially complicated because Alex has a girlfriend and isn’t looking for another partner. Can they navigate their feelings around Alex’s relationship? Or is this just another thing that Chris will regret?

“Not Without my Lichtenstein” by Chris Maltby

Philip, an affluent gay man in his 60’s, couldn’t help himself when same-sex marriage became legal – he went out and married the first pretty, hung twink he could find. Without a prenup. You know a divorce is messy when you end up in your neighbor’s attic. Can Philip save his dignity and convince his neighbor, Kelly, that he isn’t a burglar?

“The Internet is a Place” by Gina Young

A late-night short story of two best friends in their college dorm room. Their conversation goes from philosophical to technological to sexual, with some strange revelations along the way, and their dynamic is fraught with the sexual tension of so many young queer relationships – Are we just friends, or is this something more?

Show Credits

Directed by:
Ciera Eis,
Ely Orquiza,
Mauricio Suarez

Stage Manager:
Kenna Lindsay

Assistant Stage Manager:
Chloe Barrs

Lighting Designer:
Beth Cockrell

Mikey Conner, AJ Davenport, Jeffrie Givens, Sidney McNulty, Emanuel Morales, Casey Spiegel, John Tranchitella, Kelli Westad

Dates & Location:
Fri, 2/17; Sat, 2/18;

Fri, 2/24; Sat, 2/25;

Thurs, 3/2; Fri, 3/3; Sat, 3/4

All shows at 8:00pm @
The Phoenix Theatre
414 Mason St. Suite 601
San Francisco, CA 94102