Chris Maltby

Public Relations Manager

Chris is a writer, actor, singer, comedian and recent Bay Area transplant. (Sure, he’s got a day job, but those are usually pretty boring, right?)  A native of Seattle, Chris has appeared there as: Uncle Willie in High Society, Cole Porter in Red, Hot and Cole, Saint Peter in Corpus Christi, Chip in On the Town, Manuel in Gigi, and Dvornichek in Rough Crossing, as well as one of the guys in three versions of the very popular Three Girls, Two Guys and a Cabaret. Chris was also a founding member of Queer as a Three Dollar Bill, Seattle’s first weekly LGBT comedy show. Since making the move to San Francisco, Chris has appeared with Left Coast Theatre Co. in Eat Our Shorts 4,  Family Programming, I’m Not OK, Cupid and Twisted Fairy Tales, which featured the premiere of his play, “Happily Ever After.” You can keep up with Chris by following his extremely popular blog, Up, with a Twist, below.

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