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Dear Friends of the Theater and Supporters of the Arts:

As you may already know, the Left Coast Theatre Co. of San Francisco develops and produces new, original works by both local and national playwrights. Each production we bring to the stage focuses on LGBT themes, addressing integral issues of the queer community in thought-provoking and often humorous ways. While we first seek to entertain our audience, we also strive to engage them in constructive conversation, promote diversity, and encourage community involvement.

To accomplish this in our next season, we need your help.

Because corporate underwriting isn't what it used to be, the Left Coast Theatre Co. depends on the generous fiscal support of its communit.y. In fact, it is largely due to contributions by you, our esteemed audience and adoring fans, that we have been able to stage many successful productions since 2009. These productions include, most recently, Family Programming, as well as four parts of the Eat Our Shorts (EOS) short-play series. The second production of the EOS series, EOS 2: The Secret Lives of San Franciscans, was staged during the 2010 San Francisco Fringe Festival and even won awards for Best Box Office and Most Sold-Out Shows!

To continue bringing to fruition an exciting mixture of shows during our next season, we're asking you to consider making a donation to the Left Coast Theatre Co. Your contribution will enable us to showcase some of the Bay Area's most talented emerging playwrights, performers, and directors.

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Once you've made your donation, we will send you a letter of acknowledgement with information necessary to complete your annual tax return. Yes, your generous donation is tax deductible!

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and interest in Left Coast Theatre Co.

Your contribution will go a long way toward helping us produce original, exciting, and entertaining theater!

With our sincerest thanks,

Rodney “Rhoda” Taylor
Executive Director

David Rice
Artistic Director
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