• The Gay Man’s Survival Guide

    The Gay Man’s Survival Guide

    Nicely directed by Max Cherney, this play finds two gay men checking their emergency backpacks to be sure they’ve got everything they need in the event of an earthquake. Randolph is a Southern sissy who grew up on a farm and now earns his living as a hairdresser. Like one of Tennessee Williams’ alcoholic tragediennes, he has substituted a bottle of vodka for the drinking water that should be stashed in his emergency backpack. Having recently been mugged in the Castro, he’s added a gun to his disaster survival kit.

  • Three Characters in Search of a Date

    Three Characters in Search of a Date

    Drawing its laughs with the precision of acid etching into glass. Written by Nick Brunner and directed by Ian Wolfley, it features Wolfley as a narrator who can’t believe what is being said by the characters he is supposed to be supervising: three easily recognizable San Franciscan “types” whose neuroses make it difficult for them to get laid.

  • Flip the Switch

    Flip the Switch

    Find new humor in the old battle of brains versus brawn. In Cass Brayton’s delightful script, Otto and Cliché are two catty intellectuals trying to convince their hulking fitness trainer to attend a party for which they’ve already hired a man to service the guests. Alas, Bronco is one conflicted piece of muscle pudding. Known around town as an extremely butch top, he’s recently met the one man he’d be willing to bottom for.

    Carlos M. Mora has directed Flip The Switch with a delicious sense of irony, giving the audience plenty of opportunities to watch Adam Musgrave pump and flex while his two bitchy clients argue about what supplies they should purchase at Costco. Smartphone technology provides the hilarious surprise ending.



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